Hello I’m David Gaitán

I’m a web developer, music lover, amateur chess player, and father. Born in Nicaragua. I love to meet new people with who I can learn new things about Python, PHP, or Javascript. That’s the way how I have gained my experience during these +5 years.

I started my career creating beautiful WordPress sites for local companies here in Nicaragua. I have worked with WordPress since those years and now I consider myself a WordPress Expert who can solve any kind of problems related to custom plugins, theme development, and custom integration to it.

I learned Django in my second job and found Python my favorite language to work with. I have experience working with the Django Web Framework and since I started to work with projects in the USA I gained experience with terms like Django Rest Framework, Integration, Unit testing, and web scraping. I have to say that Python is a pretty comfortable programming language.

Since I worked with WordPress I have had to write solutions based on PHP and always that I need something custom in PHP I usually use the Laravel Web Framework. I have to say that Laravel is my second favorite framework because it has a stable community that always creates beautiful and simple solutions to problems that in general are painful.

I know that my profile is a Backend Developer but I have an experience with FrontEnd stuff like ReactJS and VueJS. JavaScript is a language that every developer must know and I’m not the exception. I’m currently improving my NodeJS skills.